EnterpriseWeb Uses Metadata for VNF Onboarding

Linda Hardesty, Managing Editor, SDxCentral

Posted: November 22, 2017, 9:05 am PT



EnterpriseWeb is a New York-based software company that uses metadata to simplify the onboarding of virtual network functions (VNFs). The company recently on-boarded two VNFs from different vendors in a Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD) demo.

EnterpriseWeb says that its cloud-native OSS/MANO technology allows organizations to onboard VNFs without writing any additional code. Instead, they can use EnterpriseWeb middleware, which is based on metadata.

The company provides templates for a number of industry verticals, including its CloudNFV template for the telecom industry. In fact, EnterpriseWeb, which was founded in 2009, was invited to run ETSI NFV ISG’s first proof of concept (PoC) using its CloudNFV template.

Earlier this month, the company collaborated with Radisys and Metaswitch to conduct a PoC in which they deployed a CORD implementation with two use cases: Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Cloud RAN (C-RAN). The demo used a virtual IMS from Metaswitch and a virtual EPC from Radisys.

Dave Duggal, the founder of EnterpriseWeb said, “From a blank slate, we were able to deploy CORD and implement a VoLTE/C-RAN use case in a single day.”

Duggal said EnterpriseWeb’s technology enabled the onboarding of VNF packages from the different vendors, each with their own VNF manager and virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) requirements. In addition, EnterpriseWeb set the orchestration policies and composed the network service.

“It is generally easy to create a model to automate a narrow, simple domain that doesn’t change much,” said Duggal. “However, as the domain grows in scale and complexity, it gets harder. You may end up with lots of models that have to be stitched together. You really need an over-arching model that connects everything.”

For the CORD demonstration, Duggal said, “It’s fully configured in metadata.” All of the components are written in software. But for the middleware to glue them all together, there was no hard code at all. EnterpriseWeb’s middleware enables model-driven interoperability. “And you can re-use the models,” he said.

David Amzallag, formerly in charge of virtualization at Vodafone, has become a strategic advisor to EnterpriseWeb. He said, “EnterpriseWeb is providing a super intelligent solution for everything that is replacing the OSS.”

Since leaving Vodafone, Amzallag has also become a strategic advisor for Sedona Networks and Radcom.