GraphOps for the AI-enabled telco

Title: GraphOps for the AI-enabled telco 


Dave Duggal, Founder and CEO, EnterpriseWeb

William Malyk, Chief System Architect, EnterpriseWeb

Hosted by:  IWPC

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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EnterpriseWeb and Red Hat present “GraphOps” – a single platform-based workflow that simplifies and automates IT tasks across Day 0, 1, 2 and beyond. Rather than “shift left” to Infrastructure-as-Code, GraphOps shifts up to a unified abstraction that supports declarative design, intent-based orchestration and zero-touch management. The demonstration shows how a harmonized, standards-based Telecom knowledge graph enables unified discovery, end-to-end automation and centralized policy-management. The use-case is dynamically standing up and managing a 5G MEC network. Onboarding, composition and testing is performed with generative AI using Microsoft Azure GPT-4 service and KX’s vector-native analytics database. Deployment is seamlessly coordinated with Red Hat’s OCP, ACM, RHSI, AAP, Prometheus and Grafana to dynamically provision, configure and manage the infrastructure. KX is programmed to observe the deployed service and EnterpriseWeb provides closed-loop intelligent automation. GraphOps connects teams and technologies to streamline hand-offs and enable autonomous networking.


Dave Duggal, founder and CEO, EnterpriseWeb

Dave has spent his career building & turning around companies. He anticipated the challenges of increasingly fragmented business operations and founded the company to enable to highly-automated and agile digital businesses. Dave is the inventor of 20 US patents on complex distributed systems. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and an occasional blogger. Social Media: 

William Malyk, Chief System Architect, EnterpriseWeb

Bill is responsible for the design of EnterpriseWeb’s core technology. He is out of the PhD program at the University of Waterloo’s Cheriton School of Computer Science, studying Generative Technology.

About EnterpriseWeb
EnterpriseWeb is an AI-enabled no-code platform for intelligent automation. It empowers developers to design, deploy and manage context-aware business and infrastructure applications. The platform is built around a graph knowledge base, which serves as a Domain Specific Language for the declarative design environment. It supports the rapid modelling of end-to-end processes that flexibly connect across business silos, cloud hosts, eco-system partners and edge devices based on policies and events. The platform’s run-time leverages the graph for real-time interaction context to interpret the events, automate decisions and optimize actions. EnterpriseWeb recently won an industry award for its ground-breaking work on enterprise-grade generative AI for service orchestration in collaboration with Microsoft.