EnterpriseWeb to present at ONF P4 Workshop 2023

EnterpriseWeb will be presenting a demo, poster and lightning talk at the upcoming ONF’s P4 Workshop, April 24th and 25th in Santa Clara, California.

Links to Event and Session.

The company submitted a paper, “Intent + Programmable Networking = Self-Optimizing Edge” based on it’s award-winning Intel 5G RAN testbed project. The testbed features an all-star team of Networking and IT leaders: Intel, Red Hat, Fortinet, Keysight, KX, Tech Mahindra and EnterpriseWeb. [1] [2] [3]

The use-case implemented in the testbed is a secure edge gateway, with a user plane (i.e. data path) consisting of an Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 (supporting P4, ADQs[4], and IPDK/DPDK network programming), passing packets through the ONF Aether ACS for SD-RAN (supporting OpenRAN interfaces) and the ONF Aether ACC for SD-Core (supporting 3GPP 5G interfaces), with both the user and data planes secured by firewalls provided by Fortinet.

EnterpriseWeb provides an enhanced SMO[5] which continuously and dynamically configures both the data path components at the application level (example: via a 3GPP A1 interface to the near RT RIC), and the data path itself (example: using a P4 Language interface on the Intel NIC) in reaction to changing network state. The SMO is combined with AI/ML capabilities provided by KX, to form a service-oriented SON which flexibly picks up all vectors from the testbed (across all levels and domains, events and telemetry), and signals EnterpriseWeb to make adjustments to optimize performance.

[1] Intel guest blog “EnterpriseWeb and Partners Demonstrate Autonomous and Sustainable 5G RAN Networks at MWC 2023”, https://networkbuilders.intel.com/blog/enterpriseweb-and-partners-demonstrate-autonomous-and-sustainable-5g-ran-networks-at-mwc-2023 
[2] Intel webinar “EnterpriseWeb Intel 5G RAN testbed stage 3”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwXZEfHwUqM 
[3] Interview on theCube at MWC23, https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=P4KxyGTeJMI 
[4] Application Device Queue (ADQ), an advanced network programming capability supporting application-specific steering and other packet shaping capabilities leveraging optimized application threads.
[5] Enhanced in that it works holistically, end-to-end, considering all Telecom domains (i.e., RAN, Core, Transport) and layers (i.e., OSI 1-7) of the solution, implemented using a 100% model-driven no-code approach.