Webinar: Enabling Telco Cloud & Edge with CAMARA


Dave Duggal, Founder and CEO, EnterpriseWeb

William Malyk, Chief System Architect, EnterpriseWeb

Host:  Intel®

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Time: 9AM PST / 12PM (Noon) EST

Replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APPvfsjwK3A


CAMARA APIs expose network data and controls so Developers can build network-aware business apps that dynamically and continuously optimize latency, bandwidth and resources. The Telecom industry is defining CAMARA APIs for discrete use-cases, but there is no common model or shared library to support their implementations. EnterpriseWeb platform provides a declarative abstraction across the set of CAMARA APIs along with integration services in order to: 1) Provide a consistent developer experience; 2) Simplify and automate developer tasks; and 3) Centralize management. 

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Exposing network data and controls to the Developer community opens the network to a new set of exploits. There is no standard security model for CAMARA APIs that covers the end-to-end scope of the interfaces. EnterpriseWeb’s integrated solution with endpoint to infrastructure security closes the gaps to protect both the business applications and the Telco networks. 

The presentation is based on a 5G MEC Network scenario. The use case is a computer vision application based on OpenVINO™ triggering calls across a set of CAMARA APIs to support new functional requirements on-demand. The design, deployment and management of a CAMARA based application will performed in a natural language conversation with the platform that simplifies and automates IT tasks.

Participating vendors include:

  • Microsoft (Azure cloud services, including GPT-4); 
  • KX (vector-native, analytics database; 
  • Fortinet (FortiGate, FortiWeb);
  • Intel (Intel® SGX, Intel® TDX, Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit, Infrastructure Programmer Developer Kit (IPDK), Intel® FlexRAN™ software); and 
  • EnterpriseWeb (no-code automation platform)


Dave Duggal, Founder and CEO, EnterpriseWeb: Dave has spent his career building & turning around companies. He anticipated the challenges of increasingly fragmented business operations and founded the company to enable to highly-automated and agile digital businesses. Dave is the inventor of 20 US patents on complex distributed systems. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and an occasional blogger. 

William Malyk, Chief System Architect, EnterpriseWeb: Bill is responsible for the design of EnterpriseWeb’s core technology. He is out of the PhD program at the University of Waterloo’s Cheriton School of Computer Science, studying Generative Technology.

About EnterpriseWeb

EnterpriseWeb is an AI-enabled no-code platform for intelligent automation. It empowers developers to design, deploy and manage context-aware business and infrastructure applications. The platform is built around a graph knowledge base, which serves as a Domain Specific Language for the declarative design environment. It supports the rapid modelling of end-to-end processes that flexibly connect across business silos, cloud hosts, eco-system partners and edge devices based on policies and events. The platform’s run-time leverages the graph for real-time interaction context to interpret the events, automate decisions and optimize actions. EnterpriseWeb is a pioneer in Telecom virtualization and automation. It led the first ETSI NFV Proof-of-Concept, “CloudNFV”, which demonstrated the convergence of IT and networking. The company also ran an award-winning Intel 5G MEC testbed that demonstrated dynamic configuration and continuous optimization of network services to maintain low-latency and energy-efficiency critical to telecom edge and sustainability initiatives. EnterpriseWeb recently won an industry recognition for its ground-breaking work on enterprise-grade generative AI for service orchestration in collaboration with Microsoft. For more information visit www.enterpriseweb.com, or contact: [email protected]