No Code. No Compromises.®

EnterpriseWeb is the first industrial-grade no-code platform specifically designed for software engineers





Accelerate Solution Delivery!

EnterpriseWeb is an IT productivity solution for modeling complex distributed systems & coordinating event-driven processes

Application Modernization
simplify the design, deployment & management of stateful Cloud-native applications
Business Transformation
rapidly model end-to-end, event-driven processes across silos, clouds & partners
Connect teams & automate tasks with configurable pipelines to streamline CI/CD
Site Reliability Engineering
provide teams with a central catalog, declarative composition & automated service management

Businesses need an Enterprise ‘web’

A single source-of-truth across a complex, distributed system

Integrate, orchestrate,
automate anything!

EnterpriseWeb represents smart, flexible glue to integrate elements, coordinate services and automate end-to-end processes

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Onboard applications & artifacts, model service endpoints, author adaptors for 3rd party components, databases & devices

Composable building blocks

EnterpriseWeb implements middleware capabilities as a set of event-driven Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS).

Instead of integrating and maintaining a stack of discrete components, EnterpriseWeb provides a unified interface and exposes platform services as REST endpoints.

Common tools streamline development and make it easier to reason over solutions.

Complex events made easy! ™

Platform primitives handle asynchrony, concurrency, reliable messaging, transaction guarantees and state management so developers can focus on the business


EnterpriseWeb features an in-memory graph domain model, which efficiently hydrates context for stateless services, and durable entities to persist state for event-driven processes.

The combination provides a powerful & practical abstraction for developers so they can leverage global context to interpret events and customize payloads for highly-responsive applications.

Cloud-native Platform

Deployment & Business Model

Deployment: on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge

Licenses: easy “T-shirt” sizes (S, M, L, XL) based on vCPUs

Think big, start small, scale with success!


EnterpriseWeb’s no-code integration & automation platform was specifically designed to enable customers to design, deploy and manage their own domain solutions.

In addition, EnterpriseWeb and its partners develop ready-to-use industry domain models for a variety of business verticals, as well as horizontal IT solutions.

These domain templates accelerate solution delivery, providing a rich foundation, which can be extended and configured for customer-specific requirements.


EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV is an intelligent multi-domain orchestrator, which enables highly-automated & agile Telecom operations. The model-driven platform eliminates tedious and redundant integration tasks to accelerate service delivery.

CloudNFV solution features a harmonized Telecom operational model with standard industry concepts, types and relationships, which can be flexibly extended to incorporate a Telco’s internal information model. This umbrella abstraction provides a single source-of-truth for complex multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-cloud use-cases.

The graph-connected model provides shared metadata and state necessary to support declarative composition of intent-based network services, intelligent orchestration and closed-loop end-to-end automation – with no code!

CloudNFV is a NextGen OSS – cloud-native, model-based, event-driven, policy-controlled.


Our Partners

EnterpriseWeb partners with leading technology companies, independent software vendors, system integrators and consultancies to provide certified technology, qualified resources and market-leading solutions.