EnterpriseWeb™ Provides the ‘Super-Glue’ for CloudNFV™

Real-time platform dynamically connects-the-dots for optimized deployment of Virtualized Network Functions

Glens Falls, NY – August 14, 2013 – EnterpriseWeb LLC, providers of a real-time application platform for ‘smart’ services, applications and processes, revealed its role today as a founding member of CloudNFV, an industry consortium developing a prototype solution in support of an evolving ETSI Network Function Virtualization (NFV) ISG specification. EnterpriseWeb’s technology is being used to orchestrate, manage and optimize the deployment of Virtual Network Functions.

The reason is the unique way EnterpriseWeb treats data and processes. In Distributed Computing, information and capabilities are generally exchanged via Web-Services and RESTful APIs, which have static interfaces designed to deliver standardized business functions via vertically integrated middleware stacks. However, CloudNFV is about dynamic, horizontal and elastic architecture delivering custom targeted and deployed functions on-demand to support agile carrier networks. It requires a wholly-modern, Cloud-native approach to service delivery; a ‘super-glue’ to semantically bind distributed data, processes and resources, while considering the state of resources, the policies of operators, and the needs of service users to a metro or global-level. While static interfaces can only deliver commodity services, EnterpriseWeb’s dynamic (real-time, model-driven, policy-based) interfaces can deliver differentiated services.

“EnterpriseWeb provides an enabling technology for CloudNFV,” said Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corporation and chief architect of CloudNFV. “Their ability to visualize everything in the service and resource domains, both data and processes, in a single grand model not only created a very flexible implementation, it created it at a speed I’d never have believed was possible. Architecture is the only defense against complexity, and EnterpriseWeb provided that defense to CloudNFV.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Tom and a great group of CloudNFV partners,” stated Dave Duggal, the co-founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. “We all appreciate the opportunity that CloudNFV represents for global telecommunications, while respecting the scale of the problem-space and sharing a genuine commitment to getting it done right – it’s a classic engineering-led initiative with vast potential.”

The EnterpriseWeb
The EnterpriseWeb™ is a real-time Semantic Enterprise Application Integration (Semantic EAI) platform. It helps organizations harness their distributed assets and govern their use within, across and outside of enterprise boundaries to support integrated operations. With the EnterpriseWeb, organizations can build ‘smart’, connected and adaptable applications and business processes from loosely-coupled resources.

The EnterpriseWeb provides a web-based environment for rapidly modeling applications using only links, metadata and rules. The system takes care of the rest, handling all connection, transformation and orchestration details. It uses software agents as distributed integration engines to “mash-up” loosely-coupled entities, objects, APIs and Services, binding the models to relevant resources in real-time to personalize every interaction.

The EnterpriseWeb™ serves dynamic business environments where conventional software is too inflexible. The logically multi-tenant platform supports Public, Private and Hybrid-Cloud deployments.

For more information visit www.enterpriseweb.com, call +1 (646)-502-8062, or email [email protected].

Media Contact:
Dave Duggal
[email protected]
+1 (646) 502-8062 x444


Download: EnterpriseWeb CloudNFV Executive Summary



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