A New Platform For The New World

Article by Krish Krishnan – July 15, 2013

Last few months have been extremely busy on my calendar and one of the factors was the interview that I did with EnterpriseWeb and its cofounders Dave Duggal and Bill Malyk. This startup is having a vision of the next generation platform, where everything that happens in an organization is an event that can be indexed and searched by any business user at any point in time, and an adaptive platform is needed to provide the scalability and flexibility of this demand.

The platform that is built to handle the demands of a modern enterprise class workload, shows the best in class architecture of combining the Zachman Architecture approach with web style REST API’s and a semantic framework that can provide access to any data within the enterprise. This architecture also boasts of highly secure approach to protecting information that makes it a robust approach especially at the enterprise level.

The EnterpriseWeb platform has no compile time versus run time architecture, due to the fact that events occur in an enterprise in real-time. The underlying platform supports late binding features that make it simple to define and design dynamic applications that can provide value of high scale and magnitude to the end user.

Another feature of the architecture that is very impressive is the unified repository that surpassed expectations when it came to performance and scalability. The concept of one architecture for everybody simplifies the fact that many metadata management processes need to be implemented and followed in the enterprise. This approach in my opinion is the best way to manage semantic data in any size of organization.

Enterprise data today means data from within the enterprise and outside the enterprise including social media, web forums, 3rd party data, competitive intelligence data and more. In this model of data integration integrating data is relatively simple compared to traditional architecture approaches and one can build adapters for each type of data that needs to be integrated into the enterprise.

The overall goal of this company is to provide a new platform for the next generation architecture and after seeing the product demo and underlying architecture, it is definitely a robust and scalable architecture that can meet those goals. Feel free to visit the website and learn more. As I learn more about this architecture, I will post details in my blog or article.