EnterpriseWeb™: Reinventing the Application Layer for the Real-time Business

Julie Craig, EMA, December 14, 2013


Modern companies must operate in an increasingly dynamic and integrated business environment; all too often, however, their operational systems simply cannot handle the agility demands put upon them.

Messaging, then Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and, most recently, data integration were supposed to bring everything together. However the accelerating complexities of Enterprise IT ecosystems always seem to be one step ahead of the capabilities of each new integration methodology. Worse still, it looks as though we as an industry are perpetuating these inflexible architectures as the industry moves to the Cloud.

Modern businesses depend on a complex array of specialized infrastructure systems to deliver applications. These applications represent models of standardized transactions the business requires and are intended to help automate business processes. In other words, they are the modern “tools of the trade” supporting employees in their interactions with customers, partners, team members, and managers.

All too often, however, the technology ecosystem supporting these business-critical interactions is brittle, failure-prone, and difficult to connect. Furthermore, each change to these environments is a risk-prone process which is expensive, time-consuming, and often disruptive to “business as usual.” And while there are many vendors delivering Service and API management products, the use of Services and APIs can simply extend the breadth of “brittle” composite applications and processes to new platforms such as Cloud.

EnterpriseWeb offers an innovative alternative, designed to introduce flexibility into brittle IT systems. This very fast, extremely scalable Platform-as-a-Service / Software-as-a-Service is a “software defined” alternative to hard-coded, hard-wired enterprise applications. In the EnterpriseWeb model, policies, versus middleware, construct applications “on the fly.”

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) white paper describes a dramatically different approach to providing a flexible foundation for a true “real-time” business.


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