Webinar: Intelligent Orchestration with Graphs: The Smart way to Coordinate SAP Services

Modern business applications are compositions of event-driven services, microservices and now serverless functions. While this offers improved modularity, DevOps automation and scalability, the explosion of distributed solution elements and the increased rate of change pose challenges. Enterprise customers are confronted

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The Holger Mueller Interviews

EnterpriseWeb founder & CEO, Dave Duggal chats with Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, Holger Mueller in a series of short interviews Interview 1: Exploring EnterpriseWeb platform Interview 2: Discussing SAP Order-to-Fulfillment use-case Interview 3: Tech Deep Dive – November,

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DEMO: CloudNFV – Programmable 5G & Open RAN Infrastructure

EnterpriseWeb presentation at an IWPC Workshop hosted by Telecom Infra Project (TIP/ROMA) exploring requirements and use-cases for 5G Orchestration & Automation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxeyeVHy-aQEnterpriseWeb

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Demo: Cloud-based 5G Programmable Infrastructure Over AWS Powered by EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV

Automating Deployment of 5G Core and Orchestrating Programmable Infrastructure IWPC Webinar recorded May 5th, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFOxVbJZSbI EnterpriseWeb demonstrates automated deployment of an enhanced 5G Core and orchestration of programmable infrastructure. The demo features the company's telecom solution, "CloudNFV" an intelligent

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The Winners – Zero-Touch Operations = Extreme Automation

Thursday, March 8th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8:00 Pacific Time, 16:00 GMT) Registration Link: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6985/294301 Zero-touch is the latest initiative to emerge from the Carrier Virtualization movement. Zero-touch suggests “hands-free” operations, what Cloud-folks refer to as “NoOps”. While NFV

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Re-Inventing Middleware for Zero-Touch Automation & the New OSS

Tuesday, February 20th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8:00 Pacific Time, 16:00 GMT) Registration Link: http://www.lightreading.com/webinar.asp?webinar_id=1068&webinar_promo=2714 Design of next-generation virtualized networks for the digital service provider has largely stalled as telcos struggle with the complexity of the task before them.

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Webinar: Zero-Touch Automation the EnterpriseWeb way

How a Metamodel can accelerate VNF onboarding, enable rapid prototyping of Network Services, support “network-aware” orchestration, and automate lifecycle management Tuesday, November 28th at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time (9:00 Pacific Time, 18:00 CET) Registration Link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8577686419291325442 Caroline Chappell, Principal Analyst

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“The Composable Enterprise” with David Linthicum and EnterpriseWeb

Jan 12, 2016 Four time CIO and globally renowned Cloud expert David Linthicum (www.davidlinthicum.com) reviewed his latest whitepaper "Operationalizing SOA for the Composable Digital Business". David provided his perspective on the state of Enterprise IT and the struggle to keep

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Access Replay of February 2014 Spotlight Webinar: “Real-time is Agile” with Special Guest, David Linthicum

EnterpriseWeb Spotlight Webinar: "Real Time is Agile" Join industry expert David Linthicum as he discusses the evolution of the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market and the necessary foundations for an Agile Cloud Application Architecture. David S. Linthicum, senior vice president at Cloud

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