Intel 5G/RAN testbed: stage 3 demo highlights (3 min) from MWC23

Link to demo

EnterpriseWeb’s Intel 5G RAN testbed features a private MEC scenario with a secure 5G gateway use-case. It demonstrates programmable networking, intent-based network services, and autonomous zero-touch operations for a self-scaling, self-healing and self-optimizing network. In this case, the multi-vendor integrated solution is maintaining security, low-latency and energy efficiency at scale and while under attack. The testbed features an all-star team including: Intel; Red Hat; Fortinet; Keysight; KX and Tech Mahindra. 

The promise of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is to provide customers with reliable, low-latency and high bandwidth network services by pushing processing out to mobile users and enterprise operations at the edge of the Network. However, the edge has resource and energy constraints that limit the services Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can offer. Existing methods don’t support new requirements. It’s time for something new! EnterpriseWeb is leading a multi-vendor, standards-based Intel testbed with an SD-WAN connectivity and 5G user-plane security use-case. The innovative testbed demonstrates dynamic configuration of Intel Columbiaville NICs and network functions to optimize processing of secure packets, while significantly reducing resource requirements (20%) and energy consumption (30%). The multi-vendor solution acts as a modular SON that is open, extensible and near real-time for self-healing, scaling and optimizing networks. Testing reveals consistent service, predictable performance and energy efficiency as traffic scales, even while under simulated attack. Dynamically managing infrastructure utilization and energy consumption is key to profitable 5G/RAN network services – MNOs can do more with less!