All-Star Team of INB Partners Advances Autonomous Networking with Stage 2 of its 5G Testbed

Stage 2 incorporates an enhanced SON that further optimizes performance and energy consumption

EnterpriseWeb presents Stage 2 demo at Intel Innovations, San Jose, CA Sept, 27 2022 – 

EnterpriseWeb is leading a multi-vendor Intel 5g testbed based on an SD-WAN and User-Plane security use-case. The testbed demonstrates dynamic configuration of Intel Columbiaville NICs and network functions to optimize processing of secure packets, while reducing resource requirements & energy consumption. Stage 1 was publicly demonstrated last month –

Stage 2 incorporates an Enhanced SON. As opposed to conventional SONs that are typically closed, narrowly & statically defined and batch processed, the testbed’s enhanced SON is an open, extensible and dynamic solution for self-healing, scaling & optimizing networks, services, slices, network functions & energy consumption. The exhibited closed-loop control goes beyond service level thresholds and can be flexibly be configured to includes other telemetry and signals. The testbed showcases zero-touch network & service management of intent-based network services (declarative, event-driven, policy-controlled).

The testbed team includes: 1) Red Hat ( OpenShift, Prometheus/Grafana; 2) Fortinet ( FortiGate SD-WAN & SASE; 3) Keysight ( CyPerf test agents; and 4) KX ( data services & analytics. The Testbed also incorporates open-source from the ONF Aether Project (SD-CORE and SD-RAN). EnterpriseWeb ( is providing its multi-domain intelligent orchestrator – CloudNFV. CloudNFV is deployed discretely as e2e orchestrator, domain NSO, SMO with non-RT RIC, NSMF/NSSMF for a modular, standards-based solution architecture with common tooling. 

The testbed goes beyond a typical proof-of-concept to demonstrate use-case functionality, as well as address non-functional concerns critical for the viability of secure, scalable, performant, composable and agile 5G core and edge deployments.