Intel Hosts Webinar for Stage 3 of EnterpriseWeb’s Award-winning 5G RAN Testbed

Replay of the talk and demonstration is now available

EnterpriseWeb is leading an award-winning Intel 5G RAN testbed based on an secure edge gateway use-case. The testbed features an all-star team of Telecom vendors, including IntelRed Hat; FortinetKeysightKX; and Tech Mahindra.

The testbed demonstrates dynamic configuration of Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 and FlexRAN along with network functions to optimize processing of secure packets, while significantly reducing resource requirements and energy consumption at scale. The testbed presents an integrated solution for a self-healing, scaling and optimizing 5G RAN network with consistent and predictable low latency and power consumption at scale.  

Intel recently hosted a webinar to present the latest stage 3 demo of the testbed. A replay of the webinar can be found here –

Stage 3 of the testbed demonstrates an enhanced SMO that supports automation across the RAN, Core and Edge with a service-oriented SON that flexibly picks up signals and telemetry from a variety of vectors so it can dynamically and continuously optimize services, slices, functions, network infrastructure (Hardware & Software), compute resources and power. It enables consistent high-performance, low-latency and energy efficiency for MEC and Sustainability initiatives.

At MWC Barcelona 2023, the partners will all be showcasing the testbed at their respective booths. Representatives from the partners will be available for demos and discussions. See the table below for booth and contact information.

PartnerHall – StandContact
IntelHall 3 – Stand 3E31Waleed Badr  
Red HatHall 2 – Stand 2F30Shujaur Mufti [email protected]
FortinetHall 5 – Stand 5C13Ronen Shpirer [email protected]
KeysightHall 5 – Stand 5E12 Michael Dieudonne [email protected]
KXHall 7 – Stand 7B41James Corcoran  [email protected]
Tech MahindraHall 6 – Stand 6C2Nitish Nanda [email protected]
EnterpriseWebDave Duggal [email protected]