Webinar: Automating Deployment of 5G Core and Orchestrating Programmable Infrastructure

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 @ 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CET

Register: https://iwpc.survey.fm/enterpriseweb-automating-deployment-of-5g-core

Abstract: 5G standards extend Telecom virtualization, orchestration and automation to the application layer. 3GPP’s 5G service-based architecture and open APIs will make it possible for Business customers to dynamically manage infrastructure for performant, scalable and agile operations, enabling new edge use-cases. Innovations such as a no-code, platform-based workflow for bare metal deployment and configuration of a 5G Core on a cloud infrastructure, can greatly speed and ease deployment, orchestration and automation of 5G networks. A live demonstration of EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV orchestrator deploying Open5GS over the Amazon cloud will be presented.


3GPP’s 5G standards present a service-based architecture for programmable networks, which can extend Telecom virtualization and automation out to the application layer.

The new cloud-native design and open APIs will allow business customers to dynamically manage infrastructure for scalable and agile operations, enabling new Enterprise use-cases.

This rapidly emerging market raises the bar on orchestration solutions to provide distributable, low-latency, high-performance coordination and control capabilities necessary for 5G environments.

Demo Scope

IWPC member, EnterpriseWeb will demonstrate automated deployment of an enhanced 5G Core and orchestration of programmable infrastructure, based on its CloudNFV platform for zero-touch network & service management.

Specifically, they will present a no-code, platform-based workflow for the bare metal deployment and configuration of Open5gs and a Fortinet Firewall over Amazon cloud infrastructure and integrated with AWS cloud services.

The use-case will highlight how CloudNFV’s model-based solution can enable automated and agile telecom operations.

CloudNFV provides the design-environment for declaratively composing an intent-based Network Service in a point-and-click style from onboarded solution elements registered in a catalog. Once the service graph is modeled and service chain and SLA policies set, the design environment automatically generates a deployment workflow. When the Cloud-native runtime receives an order it executes the workflow to stand up the mobile core network.

With the 5G network in place, Telecom customers can then take immediate advantage of a self-service portal to deploy their own business applications on 5G Network Slices with zero-touch network and service management. The platform runtime maintaining declared target state.

Solution Benefits

Rationalized Tooling & Unified Management
Unwieldly cloud tool-chains introduce costs and complexity for solution deployment & management

  • CloudNFV reduces tool-chain complexity and provides common management over end-to-end solution
  • CloudNFV eliminates need for custom scripts and templates

Composable, Extensible & Evolvable Services
Standard implementations are siloed and tightly-coupled, difficult and time consuming to deploy, and expensive to change

  • CloudNFV enables composition and management of additional components as a unified solution, without manual integration
  • CloudNFV provides version-control and change management for safe evolution of services with roll-back

Improved Implementation and Security
Deploying a CloudNFV cluster provides a high-level application control plane for end-to-end management

  • CloudNFV provides low-latency, high-performance middleware capabilities to the edge
  • CloudNFV eliminates direct application access enhancing security
  • With CloudNFV, certain control components can be removed, reducing solution complexity


No Code, No Compromises™
EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV solution brings together Cloud concepts with telecom virtualization standards (ETSI NFV, 3GPP 5G, TMF, MEF, Open-RAN, etc.) in a harmonized graph-connected industry model. CloudNFV’s ready-to-use domain model provides the high-level abstractions necessary for programmable infrastructure. It provides the types, concepts and policies to automate operational processes from onboarding to lifecycle management.

CloudNFV enables rapid declarative modeling of Network Functions as graph objects with properties, behaviors and dependencies described as a set of relationships. Once registered in CloudNFV’s catalog, objects can be composed as “intent-based” Network Services.

  • The ready-to-use Telecom domain model accelerates time-to-value
  • The graph can be easily extended with an Operator’s information model and can be modified as the industry evolves
  • It provides a common language for modeling heterogeneous functions and diverse environments
  • It enables declarative composition and automatically generates standards-based interfaces
  • The model provides shared metadata and semantics for event-driven closed-loop automation
  • The real-time operational model provides a single-source of truth for global visibility and centralized policy management

While most model-based solutions are positioned towards “Citizen Developers” for simple apps and siloed processes, EnterpriseWeb, as the name implies, was designed from the ground-up to support enterprise-grade applications and web-scale processes. It is uniquely well-suited for supporting complex distributed systems.

As a Cloud-native solution, CloudNFV is scalable, distributable and resilient.

About EnterpriseWeb
EnterpriseWeb® (www.enterpriseweb.com) is a NY-based software company. It offers an event-driven integration platform that enables automated and agile business operations across teams, domains, protocols and partners. The company is a pioneer in Telecom virtualization & automation. It ran ETSI NFV proof-of-concept #1, and more recently it led the first ETSI Zero-touch Network & Service Management  


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