One graph to bind them all! Linking data and apps for event-driven interoperability & automation

A talk by Dave Duggal, CEO & Founder, EnterpriseWeb 


IT, and our world in general, is increasingly fraught with false binaries intended to divide us. Reifying data over applications, or vice-versa, simply reinforces silos and obscures holistic solutions. It’s time for a unified approach! The solution to increasingly fragmented business operations is a digital business platform that brings together data products and business capabilities. A unified interface provides a consistent experience, shared metadata & domain semantics, and common tools across teams so everyone can benefit, contribute and collaborate. After all, the digital business is about IT productivity, service velocity and business agility. This session will demonstrate how EnterpriseWeb’s platform provides an umbrella, graph-connected abstraction over diverse service elements, distributed endpoints and federated components to enable discovery, interoperability & automation. The presentation will feature a short use-case demo. It will show how a no-code platform can leverage a graph language to rapidly model complex domains, onboard objects to a catalog, compose objects into services and chain services in to event-driven, end-to-end processes across business silos, ecosystem partners and cloud-services.