Webinar: Intelligent Orchestration with Graphs: The Smart way to Coordinate SAP Services

Modern business applications are compositions of event-driven services, microservices and now serverless functions. While this offers improved modularity, DevOps automation and scalability, the explosion of distributed solution elements and the increased rate of change pose challenges.

Enterprise customers are confronted by an increasingly complex array of SAP and non-SAP endpoints, models and applications that they need to integrate, orchestrate, manage and maintain. The One Domain Model is a step toward unifying the set of SAP data models behind these endpoints, but it is incomplete and lacks the semantics to connect solution elements in a service-graph. Solution delivery still requires a mix of custom code, manual integration, BPMN workflow modeling and interface development.

EnterpriseWeb® offers a no-code, event-driven integration platform that enables automated and agile operations. The platform provides the high-level abstraction necessary to enable declarative composition and intelligent end-to-end orchestration.

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In this presentation, EnterpriseWeb will demonstrate how its design environment supports importing SAP ODM and BPMN flowcharts, modeling SAP interfaces and onboarding SAP core objects. The platform projects the SAP and non-SAP elements into a unified graph-connected domain model. Service Designers can then flexibly connect solution elements point-and-click from a catalog using metadata and policies to define the relationships (no manual integration, no script writing, no coding events, no interface development).

At run-time, the Cloud-native platform translates the service-graph. It uses real-time interaction context to interpret events, automate decisions and optimize actions per service policies. Demo Use-case: SAP Requisition to Fulfillment Process