Lightning Strikes Twice in Nice, France for EnterpriseWeb

Software Company Wins Again at TM Forum’s Annual Telecom Conference for Carrier Virtualization Solution

GLENS FALLS, NY, June 15, 2015EnterpriseWeb (, the provider of an application platform for real-time, data-driven business solutions announced today that they won an award for the second consecutive year at TM Forum’s annual Telecom conference.

The TM Forum is a non-profit global industry association and its annual event, TMF “Live”, is one of the largest gatherings of Communication Service Providers from around the world. The conference features “Catalyst” projects that foster multi-vendor collaborations to drive innovation. Leading global companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Ericsson participate and each project is championed by one or more Carriers.

Last year, in 2014, EnterpriseWeb was recognized as “Most Innovative Catalyst”, for its CloudNFV project, which demonstrated advanced support for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN), two hot topics for Carriers, which seek to transform from rigid hardware-centric based operations into more agile software-centric digital businesses in order to compete against leading Web companies that are edging into the Telecom space with innovative and often free services (e.g. online video calls, chat services, and streaming video delivery). EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV solution enables carriers to rapidly build, deploy and manage related services so they can adapt, innovate and compete more effectively.

This year EnterpriseWeb won “Most Significant Contribution to TMF’s Frameworx”, the industry association’s own standards. This second award reflects the rapid evolution of the industry, which seeks to fast track transformation.

Specifically, this year’s CloudNFV Catalyst project demonstrated an end-to-end solution “orders-to-orchestration” using TMF standard interfaces to facilitate interoperability. The Catalyst involved connecting an Operations Support System (OSS) and a Business Support System (BSS), provided by DGIT Systems and Comverse, Inc. respectively, to an Orchestration solution provided by EnterpriseWeb’s CloudNFV solution, to seamless build products, place orders and bill for services without having to worry about “how” the orders were technically implemented – the services are “virtualized”. A fourth partner, Qosmos, Inc. provided monitoring services used to report service status, which could trigger subsequent operations to maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Importantly, the Catalyst proved how TMF standards could be used to support a dynamic marketplace of innovative vendors and help Carriers avoid the type of dependency or “lock-in” they experience in their current hardware-driven operations.

“I would like to congratulate EnterpriseWeb, along with partners, for yet another winning Catalyst project,” said Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum. “This project reflected a clear vision of Zero-Touch Operations, Orchestration and Management (ZOOM) and a drive to make Carrier Virtualization real.”

“We’re thrilled, and a bit stunned, to win twice in the face of stiff competition from other thoughtful Catalyst projects”, noted Dave Duggal, founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. “We enjoyed the collaboration with our partners Qosmos, Comverse and DGIT and appreciated the invaluable real-world guidance from our Champions ATT, BT, NTT, Orange, Verizon and Vodaphone, many of which have supported CloudNFV from its inception.”

About EnterpriseWeb

EnterpriseWeb is a platform for real-time, data-driven processes. The platform virtualizes distributed IP-based services (i.e. Cloud, Internet-of-Things, Network Services, etc) for dynamic software-defined business solutions.

CloudNFV is a vertical solution for the Telecom industry. It provides a “Network in a Box”, an integrated Management and Orchestration (MANO) platform that can be rapidly deployed at the core or edge to accelerate Carrier Virtualization initiatives. It provides a unified architecture and common tools, libraries and services that cut time-to-market with SDN and NFV-based network services, while lowering associated costs and risks of transformation. The Platform enables Carriers to stay focused on customers, products and billing rather than technology.

EnterpriseWeb is a NY-based company with customers and partners on four continents. The company works closely with independent software vendors, system integrators, and domain partners to develop differentiated offerings.

For more information visit, email [email protected] or call +1 (646) 502-8062.

Media Contact: Dave Duggal, +1 (646) 502-8062 x444, [email protected]

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