Interview: TelecomTV chats with EnterpriseWeb CEO Dave Duggal to discuss the “AI native Telco”

Link to interview

One of the major challenges facing operators is how to enable complex, telco-grade task automation with generative AI, with a solution that is optimised for the unique data environment of telcos? Dave Duggal, founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb, discusses the challenges that may prevent the emergence of the AI-native telco and explains his company’s award-winning, telco-grade generative AI solution (demo).

With GenAI advancing at an incredibly fast rate, he talks about how a telco can commit to the technology without being left with outdated services or contracts. He also addresses the future of large language models (LLMs) and explains why we should be less concerned with the different models being developed and instead focus on the interaction between the telco’s own data and the LLM black boxes.