Demo: Telco-grade Generative AI for intent-based orchestration (GenAI demo #2, 092523)

EnterpriseWeb originally premiered its industry-first demo of telco-grade generative AI solution for intent-based orchestration and programmable networking at The Big 5G Event last May. Demo #2 ( shows how EnterpriseWeb has extended the use of GenAI and AI generally across its platform. The presentation also provides a description of EnterpriseWeb’s solution architecture and the capabilities it offers. 

The solution includes generative AI tools from Microsoft (specifically, ChatGPT4 and Jarvis) and KX’s ( vector-native analytics database, EnterpriseWeb’s platform provides a Telecom domain model and advanced automation capabilities. 

EnterpriseWeb’s integrated solution provides a conversational interface that speeds and eases network service design, deployment and management. An effort that would typically take a team of architects and developers weeks is reduced to a few minutes. The impact is transformative both in terms of Customer Experience and Telecom Operations. 

EnterpriseWeb abstracts the technical complexity so the focus is on the business requirements and the corresponding service level agreements. In the background, EnterpriseWeb’s platform translates customer intent and handles all the implementation details, which are logged and made transparent to the Telco’s network operations teams. 

While many vendors in Telecom and other industries are starting to offer generative AI capabilities most are focused on querying Large Language Models (LLMs) to answer questions or summarize large volumes of data. What distinguishes EnterpriseWeb’s integrated solution is that it supports natural language queries and commands, enabling complex enterprise-grade task automation, as demonstrated in the network service orchestration presentation.