Interview: Taming generative AI for enterprise-grade automation

EnterpriseWeb founder and CEO sat down with Data Architect, Alan Morrison to discuss the intersection of Knowledge Graphs and Generative AI

December 4, 2023 

An interview podcast with Dave Duggal, founder of EnterpriseWeb

In 2009, as the Cloud was starting to emerge, Dave Duggal founded EnterpriseWeb to address the challenges of an increasingly fragmented enterprise IT estate. He saw that siloed software stacks were becoming roadblocks to end-to-end interoperability, automation and management. Duggal recognized the need for an abstraction layer that provides “shared understanding” across business silos, partner ecosystems and clouds to enable a composable and agile enterprise.

The implication here is that meaningful interoperation across heterogeneous distributed systems has been rare and difficult to achieve at enterprise scale. Still is, in fact.

Duggal spent years independently researching the subject, reading hundreds of academic papers and working with his chief architect to design a system that made sense from the point of view of abstracting and managing the stack scalably in an automated fashion via a high-level graph model of an organization and its systems environments (i.e., an ontology of concepts, types and policies).

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