EnterpriseWeb named a Finalist in Fierce Telecom’s 2023 Innovation Awards

Fierce Telecom announced today that EnterpriseWeb is a finalist for its 2023 Innovation Awards.

EnterpriseWeb is an AI-enabled no-code platform for intelligent business and infrastructure applications. The event-driven platform uses graph domain models to optimize every system interaction based on real-time context. 

The company’s “Telco-grade generative AI for intent-based orchestration” solution, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and KX, is a finalist in the AI/Analytics/Automation category.

EnterpriseWeb premiered the industry first demo in May. The latest demo is online. It shows how a developer can now design, deploy and manage new services in a natural language conversation with the platform – a highly technical effort that typically takes engineers weeks to perform is reduced to a few minutes. 

Behind the scenes, the platform runtime interprets the developer’s intent and automates all the implementation details: 1) generates a service topology; 2) fulfills service delivery; and 3) provides continuous assurance for the life of the service. 

It’s a transformative solution that dramatically improves IT productivity and accelerates service delivery, while reducing operating expenses. EnterpriseWeb is the ultimate back-end for generative AI – secure, contextual, deterministic with strong IT governance.. 

While many companies are experimenting with generative AI, there are growing concerns that it is too inaccurate, inconsistent, expensive and unsustainable for production use. To achieve widespread adoption it must be safe, trusted, reliable and efficient. EnterpriseWeb’s solution, developed in close collaboration with Microsoft and its analytics partner KX, addresses these gaps and provides a practical, ready-to-use solution that leverages generative AI’s strengths, while mitigating its weaknesses.

EnterpriseWeb takes a novel approach. Rather than making a large language model (LLM) the center of the solution, EnterpriseWeb uses it solely as a natural language interface. EnterpriseWeb is the backend. The platform’s graph domain model provides the context, controls and capabilities for deterministic automation with strong IT governance. 

This “domain-oriented” generative AI architecture means that Telcos can immediately start experimenting with GenAI without any large upfront planning effort, specialized training or hardware – they can focus on their use-cases. They can extend EnterpriseWeb’s graph for their own operations, while keeping their models and activity data private, running in their own data centers or cloud tenants. 

Most of the processing is shifted to EnterpriseWeb, which minimizes the number of prompts and tokens exchanged with the LLM, lowering generative AI costs, as well as resource and energy consumption. Importantly, EnterpriseWeb runs on x86 based environments (no expensive GPUs required). 

EnterpriseWeb is providing a practical solution for telcos to operationalize generative AI today. It is currently being evaluated in Telco proofs-of-concepts.

About EnterpriseWeb

EnterpriseWeb offers the first industrial-grade, no-code application platform for software engineers. The platform eliminates tedious development, integration and configuration tasks to accelerate service delivery and automate lifecycle management. 

The AI-enabled platform supports intelligent business and infrastructure applications with closed-loop automation. It allows for the rapid modelling of event-driven, end-to-end processes that flexibly connect across business silos, cloud hosts and eco-system partners.

EnterpriseWeb is a pioneer in Telecom virtualization and automation. It led the first ETSI NFV Proof-of-Concept, “CloudNFV”, which demonstrated the convergence of IT and networking. Last year the company won a Fierce Telecom Award for an Intel 5G MEC testbed. The testbed demonstrated dynamic configuration and continuous optimization of network services to maintain low-latency and energy-efficiency critical to telecom edge and sustainability initiatives.