EnterpriseWeb speaking at bpmNEXT conference this week

Dave Duggal will discuss ACM to Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM)

EnterpriseWeb’s managing partner, Dave Duggal, will be presenting at the bpmNEXT conference in Pacific Grove, California on March 26, 2014.

Mr. Duggal’s talk is entitled “Adaptive, Open, Unified – ACM to iBPM.” The description of this session is as follows:

EnterpriseWeb bridges the divide between Case and Process management in a unified approach that provides automation and controls, but also allows for exceptions and inflight change management. With EnterpriseWeb, business and technical users share a single platform that facilitates interoperability between roles. People can build cases for anything: as a container of owner-managed artifacts and collaboration, as a template providing jump-start and standardization of similar activities while retaining configuration flexibility, or as an App, where the Case itself results in a standard structure of information, capabilities and processes. In fact, every system object has a Case that tracks it development and lifecycle providing a unified Object Model.

See more about the session at: http://www.bpmnext.com/2014-program/#sthash.uzw7BuO7.dpuf. Register for bpmNEXT at http://www.bpmnext.com/event-registration/.