EnterpriseWeb to Speak on 21st Century Application Creation at GOTO Chicago in May

Jason Bloomberg to explain EnterpriseWeb’s innovative platform at leading software development conference

EnterpriseWeb Chief Evangelist, Jason Bloomberg, will be speaking at Tricon’s GOTO International Software Development Conference in Chicago, Illinois, which runs From May 20 – 23, 2014. EnterpriseWeb is also a Sponsor of the conference.

Mr. Bloomberg’s talk is on May 20th. The topic of this talk is “EnterpriseWeb: 21st Century Application Creation Outside the Box.” This presentation has never been delivered before this event. The description of the session is as follows:

Have you been coding inside the box? Whether they be programs, objects, modules, or services, software developers have spent their careers writing code inside boxes. Then what? Slap an API on that box, and hook it to some middleware or stick it in the Cloud, right?

The result: instant legacy. Built-in brittleness. Cloud-unfriendly architectures. Fundamentally, software that doesn’t meet the business’s need for agility.

EnterpriseWeb has a better way. Intelligent, agent-driven application creation and integration. A single, stateless, underspecified agent that dynamically organizes the right content, the right metadata, for the right person, in real time.

Instead of coding, build a model. The agent interprets the model and evaluates any event against policies, rules, and existing business context, resolving links and providing the next best action as well as an auditable, immutable history of all activity. RESTful. Cloud-friendly. Inherently agile. And all in real time.

It’s time for the technology to get with the program. Schemaless data stores that support metadata-driven, late-bound schemas. Real-time personalization and change management. Business entities that maintain separate, dynamic business contexts. Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) and immutable data for high performance in the Cloud as well as trace and audit control and universal version control.

Instead of shoehorning data into an unrealistic technical ideal, let’s build better technology that truly supports the business.

About GOTO

GOTO Conferences are software development conferences designed for team leads, architects, and project management and is organized by developers, for developers. As software developers and architects ourselves, we wanted to craft the ultimate conference.

The result is a high quality conference experience where a tremendous amount of attention and investment has gone into having the best content on the most important topics presented by the leaders in our community, staged in an intimate environment needed to support as much learning and networking as possible.

Our concept has always been to present the latest developments as they become relevant and interesting for the software development community. With a 360 degree perspective we present new technology and trends in a non vendor forum to give the attendees inspiration, energy and desire to learn. Plus, we always have awesome speakers!

The idea for GOTO came about in the late 1990’s as the management at Trifork wanted to create a vendor independent forum that would give the development staff inspiration, energy and desire to learn coupled with the chance to network and simply to hang out with some of the “rock stars” of the IT community. Now 16 years later, the concept has grown from a small software conference to some of the leading developer conferences in the world. In 2013-14, GOTO Conferences will take place in Chicago, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam and Aarhus. GOTO Chicago is a joint partnership and is produced by Trifork and Bedarra Labs.