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Excerpt of the white paper given below:

EnterpriseWeb sells a platform built from scratch over the past five years to address the needs of
enterprise-grade applications that are often deployed on cloud topologies. With its application
layer plus compliance and governance, the company is gaining some traction in the Internet of
Things (IoT) and telecom sectors, and has reported growth in bookings since we last talked.

The 451 Take
In the context of our devops coverage, we often speak about the ongoing need for new
application development (appdev) approaches caused by emerging drivers such as mobile,
social and cloud platforms. Cloud-native apps beg for different architectures than the classic,
on-premises three-tiered approach, while the need to integrate with more services than ever
has been charging along since the days of mashups-cum-composite applications. In short,
companies are always seeking new ways to write and deploy apps, especially in the
enterprise space, where complete greenfield opportunities are not as plentiful as they are in
the consumer segment. Enterprise systems often have numerous legacy data stores and
business processes that must be integrated, all with enterprise-grade governance, risk, and
compliance (GRC).

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