Whitepaper: "20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers 2015"

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Excerpt of the white paper given below:

Today, DevOps is helping companies address the
software development and delivery challenges by
engaging both the operations and development teams
in a single development sphere. Beyond enhanced
delivery and support, DevOps provides room for innovation
driven by the latest trends such as big data, cloud computing,
and mobile applications and social media support.

Open source tools are crowding the DevOps landscape,
attracting bigger organizations to adopt the agile practices
advocated by DevOps. These practices spawn greater
customer satisfaction, better communication, integration, and
collaboration within the development life cycle. Although most
enterprises uphold that software development and delivery
are critical to profit-making, an IBM survey reveals that only
25 percent believe that their teams are effective in terms of
execution and delivery.

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