Webinar: Zero-Touch Automation the EnterpriseWeb way

How a Metamodel can accelerate VNF onboarding, enable rapid prototyping of Network Services, support “network-aware” orchestration, and automate lifecycle management

Tuesday, November 28th at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time (9:00 Pacific Time, 18:00 CET)

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Caroline Chappell, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason for Software-Defined Networking

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David Amzallag, Strategic Advisor to EnterpriseWeb and formerly group head of Network Virtualization, SDN and NFV at Vodafone with previous executive positions at Nokia and Amdocs

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Dave Duggal, Founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb


Caroline Chappell will lead a discussion on the current state of NFV and SDN implementations with David Amallag to explore current automation challenges, as well as a future-forward solution.

Dave Duggal will then briefly introduce EnterpriseWeb’s suite of Cloud-native products and describe how they leverage a Metamodel to support scalable, secure, Carrier-grade automation across a variety of NFV and SDN use-cases.

Dave’s presentation will be followed by a live product demo involving a VoLTE/C-RAN use-case. The demo will show how the Metamodel provides the necessary domain semantics, metadata and metrics for zero-touch operations. 

Easy Onboarding:  auto-fill a “smart form” for a VNF Package profile and dynamically generate a set of standards-based interfaces for the Package

Service Velocity:  enable rapid “no-code” composition of VNFs into “intent-based” Network Service and dynamically generate a set of standards-based interfaces for the Service

DevOps Automation: implement an automated, policy-based DevOps pipeline to ensure all VNF Packages and Network Services move through required security, testing and other IT governance tasks

“Network-Aware” Orchestration: leverage live metadata and real-time state for automated, policy-based decision-making to late-bind connections and configurations in order to optimize every deployment

Zero-Touch Operations: understand events and dynamically respond for automated, policy-based lifecycle management and closed-loop control

Everyone registering for the Webinar with their corporate email address will get a PDF of Caroline’s recent white paper – Flexible, extensible, adaptable: towards a universal template for VNF onboarding and lifecycle management


There is tremendous pressure for CSPs to transform into agile Digital Service Providers. However, the Telecom domain is inherently complex, dynamic and distributed, which makes it difficult to achieve operational efficiencies. While great work is being done by industry associations, no single standard captures the full depth and breadth of a CSP environment. Most current NFV implementations are siloed, manually-integrated solutions which are time-consuming and expensive to deploy and hard to change.

Organizations need a way to connect proprietary interfaces, standards-based APIs and deployment technologies in a model-of-models or “Metamodel” that provides the business semantics, metadata and metrics required to automate the domain.

In ETSI NFV PoC #1, “CloudNFV”, EnterpriseWeb successfully demonstrated how a domain model could eliminate point-to-point integration and enable more loosely-coupled, event-driven, “intent-based” Network Services. The Company subsequently applied these principles in 6 award-winning TMF Catalyst projects and contributed a “Metamodel for a Virtual (or Real) Function Package”.

Most recently, EnterpriseWeb won a Network Transformation Award for “Interop” from Layer 123 for its support of open, multi-vendor eco-system based solutions. The company has collaborated with partners in a variety of NFV use-cases (vCPE, VoLTE, C-RAN, vEPC, etc.).

A Tier-1 Telecom, is using EnterpriseWeb for dynamic, policy-controlled NFV/SDN solutions that streamline VNF onboarding, enable rapid composition and automate Lifecycle Management. They exploit EnterpriseWeb’s advanced capabilities like multi-VNFM, multi-VIM, and multi-Cloud management.

About EnterpriseWeb:

EnterpriseWeb (www.enterpriseweb.com) is a New York based software company, which offers a suite of Cloud-native products that radically simplify the design, deployment and management of real-time, data-driven, distributed applications.

While Globalization, Cloud-computing and the Internet-of-Things have led to the increasing fragmentation of modern organizations, EnterpriseWeb has made it easy for customers to work across business silos, IT layers and partner ecosystems for highly-integrated operations.

With EnterpriseWeb, organizations can quickly onboard diverse functions, services, systems, databases and devices into a graph-connected model of software objects – an enterprise “web” of information and capabilities.

EnterpriseWeb products allow customers to flexibly compose the objects with no-code; application logic is defined by policies and metadata. The approach supports rapid prototyping of intelligent, event-driven services, applications and processes that can be managed from a unified command center.

The Company’s mission is to enable organizations, of any size or type, to transform into agile Digital Businesses.

Customers and partners around the world use EnterpriseWeb to develop highly-differentiated solutions. EnterpriseWeb provides industry templates for a number of verticals, including “CloudNFV” for the Telecom industry and “Ideate” for R&D management. Each template provides a ready-to-use domain model to accelerate customer time-to-value, while providing for unprecedented configurability ensuring best-fit with each organization’s requirements today and in the future as they evolve over time.

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