“ETSI plots the obsolescence of mankind with new Working Group”

By Dave Duggal
January 16, 2018
Originally posted on LinkedIn

Don’t blame me for the article title. Perhaps it was tongue-in-cheek click-bait, but we are in the early stages of a once in a generation transformation in Telecom. Anyone actually close to these problems would never romanticize the hard-code and manual integration, which are holding back Carrier Virtualization (it’s ugly out there).

Telecom is built on innovation, prior to and leading to the Digital Age. It’s worth noting that at one time we had switchboard operators manually connecting calls – imagine if you needed to call an operator to load a web-page or connect parties on a VOIP call, that wouldn’t exactly scale well for modern demands.

As the Luddites found out, you can’t fight the future as it is demand-driven. People, yes humans, consumers, business customers are demanding more and faster services with greater reliability and configurability and if the CSPs don’t provide it – the Cloud/Web giants gladly will.

Globalization enabled by technology is accelerating distribution of technology and thereby growing the market in a self-fulling positive feedback loop. Hey, I like people (I count myself as a member of that set), but its clear that much manual work has to be automated so that the next level of capabilities and productivity can be attained.

As Robert Kennedy stated in 1966 – “Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.” Personally, I’d rather face the winds of change than be blown around by them.