'Smart' Business: Putting the AI into EAI

Register to hear our Founder Dave Duggal in the Briefing Room with Robin Bloor, the world-renowned Information Management analyst.

The webinar will include a live demo and attendees will receive a whitepaper written by acclaimed Cloud expert David Linthicum.


The Digital Business is a vision of dynamically connected value-chains that flexibly connect people, information and systems. However, most actual value chains are manually integrated, and the resulting applications are static and brittle. Conventional IT stacks don’t support the requirements for real-time data-driven applications; while manual integration practices can’t scale with the demand. With the Cloud fast becoming a commodity, the technology focus is changing from where we run our business to ‘how’ we run our business. New middle-tier application are fusing data and process integration to enable flexible, scalable and responsive solutions.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains the nexus of artificial intelligence and application integration. He’ll be briefed by Dave Duggal of EnterpriseWeb, who will showcase SmartAlex®, his company’s intelligent software agent that dynamically connects, transforms and integrates diverse and distributed APIs. SmartAlex liberates people from time-consuming and repetitive technical tasks so they can focus on composing value-added business solutions.