Robots-as-a-Service Demo Wins Award at TM Forum Live in Nice, France

Software innovator EnterpriseWeb earns 3rd prestigious TM Forum Award in 3 years at TMF Live 2016

GLENS FALLS, NY, May 17, 2016EnterpriseWeb® (, a New York based technology company, which offers an intelligent operations platform that radically simplifies distributed computing, won an award last week at TM Forum’s flagship conference for a collaborative industry project demonstrating Robots-as-a-Service. The latest award extends the Company’s winning streak at TM Forum Live to three years in a row.

The TM Forum (TMF) is a non-profit global industry association focused on the technologies for enabling open digital ecosystems. The annual event, “TM Forum Live”, is one of the largest gatherings of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and other industries seeking solutions to this latest wave of digital disruption including government, finance and manufacturing sectors. The conference features “Catalyst” projects that foster multi-vendor collaboration to drive innovation. Leading global companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Ericsson participate and each project is championed by one or more service providers.

In 2014, EnterpriseWeb was recognized as “Most Innovative Catalyst”, for its “CloudNFV” project, which demonstrated advanced support for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN). Last year, EnterpriseWeb won “Most Significant Contribution to TMF’s Frameworx” for “Dynamic APIs”, which demonstrated a model-driven implementation of the industry association’s standards.

This year’s Catalyst project “Smart Industrial Manufacturing” demonstrated the general applicability of TM Forum standards to emerging domains, in this case the Internet-of-Things (IoT), specifically the “remote control” of Robot cells used in Industrial Manufacturing. The project, which won the award for “Best New Catalyst”, was a collaboration between The Welding Institute (TWI), a leading research and training organization specializing in advanced Industrial Manufacturing practices, Infosim, a leading manufacturer of automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions and EnterpriseWeb, which provided the automation platform for connecting the partners and coordinating dynamic end-to-end processes.

RaaSPic The Catalyst featured Forum APIs for web-based product specification and ordering, as well as device activation and configuration, showing that their use could be generalized to support Robots-as-a-Service. EnterpriseWeb once again applied its Dynamic APIs approach for model-driven API interoperability and evolution.

While many Communication Service Providers have a history supporting Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions for their large Industrial Manufacturing clients, they have generally been static solutions for mass production that are expensive to deploy, maintain and modify. Smart Industrial Manufacturing presented a vision of dynamic manufacturing processes that can cost effectively support low-volume, quick turn, high-value runs. This opens up new markets for CSPs that can offer solutions that improve capital utilization, potentially saving Billions of dollars worldwide in downtime related to physical configuration and maintenance of robots, as well as enabling “mass customization” and facilitating the digital transformation of global manufacturing.

“In this era of disruption, the Forum is actively helping Communication Service Providers explore new opportunities that are emerging from the digitization of business,” stated Joann O’Brien, Vice President, Agile Collaboration for the TM Forum. “It’s wonderful that this team pushed the envelope with Smart Industrial Manufacturing and won the “Best New Catalyst” award.”

“We are honored to be recognized by the Forum again, alongside our new collaborators TWI and Infosim”, noted Dave Duggal, founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. “The Catalyst program not only promotes innovation, it encourages partnerships and community.”

About EnterpriseWeb

EnterpriseWeb® ( is a New York based technology company, which offers an intelligent operations platform that radically simplifies distributed computing. EnterpriseWeb makes it easy for businesses to rapidly compose highly-modular Cloud-native apps and web-scale processes from heterogeneous services, APIs and Microservices. Its platform flexibly connects people, information, systems, algorithms, network resources and devices for integrated operations.

The EnterpriseWeb platform is a one-stop-shop for the unified management of dynamic human workflows and model-driven automation of Cloud, IoT, Network, System and IT pipelines. It represents a generational shift from bloated middleware stack based application architectures to an agile application fabric. The software helps organizations of any type or size, transform into real-time, data-driven digital businesses so they can personalize user-experiences, optimize transactions and synchronize enterprise-wide activity.

EnterpriseWeb has customers on four continents in diverse industries. It has built a partner network of leading global consulting firms, system integrators and technology partners to deliver differentiated solutions worldwide. EnterpriseWeb deploys on premise, in the Cloud, as a Service or in any hybrid combination.

For more information visit, email [email protected] or call +1 (646) 502-8062.

About The Welding Institute

TWI ( – one of Europe’s foremost independent research and technology organizations, performs industry-funded contract research and is also an active participant in collaborative research programs in Europe and the UK. TWI has deep expertise and focus on next generation of smart autonomous welding systems and will be supporting the Factory Floor automation for the Catalyst project.

About Infosim

Infosim® ( is a leading manufacturer of automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions for Telcos, ISPs, Managed Service Providers, and Corporations. Since 2003, Infosim® has been developing and providing StableNet® to Telco and Enterprise customers. Infosim® is privately held with offices in Germany (Wuerzburg – Headquarters), USA (Austin), and Singapore. Infosim® takes pride in the engineering excellence of its high quality and high performance products.

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Dave Duggal, +1 (646) 502-8062 x444, [email protected]

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