Put OpenShift into overdrive with CloudNFV!

EnterpriseWeb partners with Red Hat on Telco solutions

CloudNFV is an Intelligent Orchestrator for highly-automated & agile Telco operations. It features a ready-to-use Telecom model, which plugs into the OpenShift eco-system enabling “zero-touch” network & service management.

Download Red Hat’s EnterpriseWeb Partner Profile.

CloudNFV is RHEL 8 Certified platform that integrates with OpenShift, Ansible, Prometheus, Tekton, Argo, Operators, etc. CloudNFV gets its smarts from a graph-connected domain model that brings together Cloud & IT concepts with Telecom standards & Open APIs (ETSI NFV, 3GPP 5G, TMF Open APIs, MEF LSO, Open-RAN Alliance, etc.). It provides the metadata & relationships for composing “intent-based” network services.

The integrated OpenShift & CloudNFV solution is a game-changer for Telco hybrid-Cloud and 5G/Edge deployments.

CloudNFV is now available in the Red Hat catalog – https://catalog.redhat.com/software/container-stacks/detail/60f5a6d1d539e2e5a84510dd