KX cites EnterpriseWeb use-case in GA announcement for Kdb.ai

EnterpriseWeb partner KX referenced their collaboration with EnterpriseWeb on advanced AI/ML use-cases in their latest public announcement regarding the General Availability of Kdb.ai.

EnterpriseWeb participated in KX’s Kdb.ai beta program and had the opportunity to test Kdb.ai in advance.

In the announcement, KX recognized the partnership with EnterpriseWeb –

KDB.AI is used across multiple industries, including finance, energy, manufacturing and telecommunications. For example, EnterpriseWeb, which offers an industrial-grade no-code automation platform for complex distributed systems, uses KDB.AI to integrate real-time location and cost-based analytics on advanced telecom use-cases for self-scaling, self-healing, and self-optimizing networks.

“KX is renowned for its ability to process and analyze time series, historical and vector data at speed and scale”, said Dave Duggal, founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb. “KDB.AI builds on these capabilities with sliding window search and the ability to augment LLMs. We’re excited to partner with KX to further the integration of KDB.AI into our platform.”

In response to the release, EnterpriseWeb founder and CEO, Dave Duggal, posted his congratulations to the KX team on LinkedIn noting that he is “Exceedingly happy with our KX partnership. Powerful capabilities are unleashed when the world’s fastest vector-native analytics database is paired with EnterpriseWeb’s industry leading no-code application platform. Together we are enabling advanced AI-Automation use-cases for NextGen business operations.”

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