Extreme Automation at the Edge: Dynamic Configuration of Intel’s Latest NICs to Optimize Processing of Secure Packets

The Edge is not simply an extension of the Cloud. It introduces new business use-cases, technical requirements and opportunities for Telcos.

What works for the cloud, core and data center won’t work for edge. The explosion of nodes increases network complexity and compounds coordination and management challenges. Network services for the edge will be the product of the interactions of many participating container network functions (CNFs), supporting services and infrastructure resources. The interplay requires highly-dynamic and intelligent orchestration and automation to assure and optimize a network service as a whole.

EnterpriseWeb is leading an advanced Intel 5G/edge testbed with an SD-WAN / SASE use-case demonstrating high-level programmability of Intel’s latest Columbiaville NICs. The testbed will cover Day 1 deployment and Day 2 assurance of a complex, distributed 5G/edge scenario in which security concerns will drive dynamic configuration of NICs to optimize processing of secure packets. 

The testbed team includes: EnterpriseWeb (end-to-end orchestration, SMO, LCM and integration PaaS); Fortinet(Fortigate SD-WAN & SASE); KX (low-latency, high-performance data services and streaming analytics); Red Hat(OpenShift infrastructure management); Keysight Technologies (CyPerf test agents); and Intel (Columbiaville NICS and Testbed Infrastructure). The Testbed will also incorporate open-source from the ONF (SD-CORE and SD-RAN) and Grafana Labs (Prometheus and Grafana).