Jason Bloomberg, Chief Evangelist for EnterpriseWeb, will be speaking on the topic EnterpriseWeb: 21st Century Application Creation Outside the Box at the GOTO Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, May 20.

The conference is at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago and runs May 20 and 21. EnterpriseWeb will be exhibiting at the conference.

The session abstract is as follows:

EnterpriseWeb: 21st Century Application Creation Outside the Box

Have you been coding inside the box? Whether they be programs, objects, modules, or services, software developers have spent their careers writing code inside boxes. Then what? Slap an API on that box, and hook it to some middleware or stick it in the Cloud, right?

The result: instant legacy. Built-in brittleness. Cloud-unfriendly architectures. Fundamentally, software that doesn’t meet the business’s need for agility.

EnterpriseWeb has a better way. Intelligent, agent-driven application creation and integration. A single, stateless, underspecified agent that dynamically organizes the right content, the right metadata, for the right person, in real time.

Instead of coding, build a model. The agent interprets the model and evaluates any event against policies, rules, and existing business context, resolving links and providing the next best action as well as an auditable, immutable history of all activity. RESTful. Cloud-friendly. Inherently agile. And all in real time.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  •  What is fundamentally wrong with the API/middleware/integration model for software — even when following REST
  • How EnterpriseWeb’s intelligent software agent resolves the challenges of agile software in today’s distributed, Cloud-centric environment
  • How to build applications outside the box with EnterpriseWeb

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About the GOTO Conference

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