EnterpriseWeb CEO talks about “Domain-Driven Automation” at Layer 123 NFV/SDN World Congress

EnterpriseWeb founder and CEO, Dave Duggal, will be speaking at next week’s Layer 123 event at the Hague in the Netherlands. Dave’s presentation is part of the “Automate and Operate” track at the conference, which is a white-hot subject in the Telecom industry as it seeks to realize benefits from Virtualization.

Domain-Driven Automation: To Zero-Touch NFV and beyond!

Thursday, October 12th, 14:45pm CEST


There is tremendous pressure for CSPs to transform into agile Digital Service Providers. However, the Telecom domain is inherently complex, dynamic and distributed, which makes it difficult to achieve operational efficiencies. While great work is being done by industry associations, no single standard captures the full depth and breadth of a CSP environment. Most current NFV implementations are siloed, manually-integrated solutions which are time-consuming and expensive to deploy and inflexible and hard to change.

To accelerate onboarding, enable rapid composition of Network Services and automate lifecycle management the industry needs a high-level abstraction to support zero-touch, customer configurable Network Services and similarly enable 5G, IoT, and Enterprise Services. Organizations need a way to connect proprietary interfaces, standards-based APIs and deployment technologies in a model-of-models or “Metamodel” that provides the Metadata and business semantics required to automate the domain.

In ETSI NFV PoC #1, EnterpriseWeb successfully demonstrated how such a domain model could eliminate point-to-point integration and enable more loosely-coupled, event-driven, “intent-based” Network Services. The Company subsequently applied these principles in 6 award-winning TMF Catalyst projects and contributed a “Metamodel for a Virtual (or Real) Function Package”. EnterpriseWeb’s founder and CEO, Dave Duggal, will explore the NFV implementation challenges and discuss how their customers and partners use Domain Driven Automation for business agility.