Dave Duggal: On Leadership, SIIA interview

What qualities must a successful leader possess and why?
Leadership requirements vary based on the size and stage of an organization. Some leaders evolve with their business, others have an affinity for building startups or steering large incumbents. As the founder of a lean, self-funded startup I believe vision, tenacity and a focus on execution have been core to our company’s growth. With hundreds if not thousands of small tech companies trying to breakout, its critical to be able to stay focused, avoid reacting to every trend and competitor, play your own best game, while motivating a team to sustain an effort based on that shared vision.

Looking back on your career, what metrics do you wish someone had told you to pay more attention to and why?
We’ve been motivated to solve a big problem regarding distributed programming and dynamic applications. Our progress has been measured in capabilities, customers and coverage. In an early-stage company metric-driven micro management can work against goals of building a team and a brand. Going forward as our Company grows the use of metrics will grow, but steering a startup is more art than science.