The Age of Reason: The Context-Aware Cloud


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Virtualization: When will NFV cross the chasm?

Originally posted with the CloudNFV group on LinkedIn (an open group): link New TMF ebook by Jim Meltzer free to members (worth the price for non-members) http://bit.ly/1L6XGRY It's based on interviews of a range of NFV thought leaders from Carriers, SDOs

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"You have to design for scaling." Tom Nolle

Dave Duggal Founder / Managing Director at EnterpriseWeb LLC Absolutely right! Of course, when we are talking about Network Services, which are really dynamic composite applications, that gets trickier. As we know from our work in CloudNFV and Cloud Enterprise in

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News Flash: Dynamic, Metadata-driven Policy-Controlled Orchestration is here today!

Dave Duggal Founder / Managing Director at EnterpriseWeb LLC Not sure what Telecom vendors are thinking lately. In the last couple of weeks I sat in a couple of webinars of major industry vendors, where they pitched some great slide-ware only

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What NFV needs now: Dynamic composition and automated interoperability

by Dave Duggal, January 27, 2015 http://inform.tmforum.org/opinions/opinion/2015/01/nfv-needs-now-dynamic-composition-automated-interoperability/ In my last post, Orchestration is not enough for NFV, I contrasted the requirements of NFV against conventional orchestration. The point is that the old siloed, static and centralized methods simply don’t support the demands

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Orchestration is not enough for NFV

http://inform.tmforum.org/featured/2014/12/orchestration-not-enough-nfv by Dave Duggal  |  SDN & NFV Management (ZOOM)  |  December 9, 2014 Network functions virtualization (NFV) represents an opportunity for communications service providers to become software-defined businesses and to use DevOps to realize increased automation, service velocity and

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Semantic SOA makes Sense!

originally posted on Dataversity - http://www.dataversity.net/semantic-soa-makes-sense/ (ranked in top 20 of blogs for 2014) While it’s no longer trendy to talk about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) due to limited initial results, it is implicitly the architectural-style of our age. Our

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Beyond REST and SOA: Introducing Agent-Oriented Architecture

A question we commonly get at EnterpriseWeb is whether our platform follows REST or not. Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web, and is perhaps best known for providing

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Take Control of your Schemalessness with Dynamic Schemas

Static data structures have been at the heart of data processing tools since the dawn of computing, but they have always limited the flexibility of the organization leveraging the data. Recently, the rise of flexible formats like JSON have led

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The Missing Pieces of Agile Architecture

I must admit that after a dozen years at ZapThink, the first six helping vendors tell the SOA story and the rest helping architects get SOA right, that a deep sense of frustration was never far away. The vendors talked

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