Orchestration, Zero-Touch Automation, and the Complex Distributed Systems Problem: Part 1

Guest Post by Tom Nolle It’s pretty common in software projects to have project goals evolve as the project develops, something called “scope creep”. It’s a good thing to recognize the need for change before a project is completed, but

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EnterpriseWeb: Under the Hood with Tom Nolle

Guest Post by Tom Nolle Automating a network services lifecycle involves fielding thousands or tens of thousands of events, managing thousands of traditional network devices, and deploying and sustaining thousands of virtualized network functions (VNFs). VNF “onboarding” alone has presented

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Seeing the Patterns: The Future is Here

May 13, 2017, Originally published on LinkedIn Dave Duggal, Founder / Managing Director at EnterpriseWeb LLC Software Architects look for patterns. Patterns help us generalize phenomena based on common characteristics. By recognizing patterns we can create abstractions (i.e. models), which allow

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DevOps automation: The curse of tool-chain pain

By Dave Duggal on January 30, 2017  Originally published on TM Forum Inform The title might sound a bit like a Hardy Boys or Tintin adventure story, but anyone who has implemented DevOps automation has suffered from ‘tool-chain pain’. The symptoms are imperative software development,

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Breaking through the Cloud

By Dave Duggal on November 4, 2016 Originally published on LinkedIn. While the Cubs grabbed the spotlight Weds night by breaking a 108 year losing streak, EnterpriseWeb won another TM Forum award for its latest Catalyst project, extending a winning streak that began

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The Power of Platform!

By Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb Today’s organizations need a holistic approach to bring order to their fragmented operations. Running a digital business, requires a unified view across the value-chain and between layer of IT, as well as

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The API Economy: A Big Ball of CRUD

By Dave Duggal  /  April 29, 2016   Quote: “The use of APIs has exploded with the growth of distributed computing, driven by the popularity of the Web, Cloud and now, the Internet of Things (IoT)” Back in 1999 an academic paper, “The

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‘Composable telecom’ requires transformation and dynamic processes

By Dave Duggal, February 17, 2016  Originally posted on the TM Forum’s Inform website The signs were everywhere at Action Week if you looked for them. From the keynotes to the sessions and the conversations at breaks. Ideas that once seemed subversive and

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Dynamic APIs: Negotiating Change

As originally posted September 21, 2015  by Dataversity - http://www.dataversity.net/dynamic-apis-negotiating-change/ By Dave Duggal IT departments expose functionality via software interfaces to a wide variety of applications, micro-services, systems, databases, devices and machines. Such interfaces are generally referred to as APIs (Application

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Taking the high-road with NFV

When I met Tom Nolle he was one of the few analysts talking about bridging IT/Cloud/Business Services and Network Services. This was a couple of years before ETSI NFV kicked-off and a few years after we launched EnterpriseWeb. In his

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