The Winners: Zero-Touch Operations = Extreme Automation

Thursday, March 8th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8:00 Pacific Time, 16:00 GMT)

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Zero-touch is the latest initiative to emerge from the Carrier Virtualization movement. Zero-touch suggests “hands-free” operations, what Cloud-folks refer to as “NoOps”. While NFV & SDN based services are intended to liberate CSPs from the bounds of physical infrastructure, however the highly-dynamic environments they will create will move too fast for human decision-making and intervention. To ensure that Zero-touch is more than a buzz word will require sophisticated autonomous systems and seamless interoperability to handle service requests and respond to network events in real-time.

In our webinar, we’ll interview Dave Duggal, founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb, which won a Layer 123 “Network Transformation Award” for Interoperability at the SDN & NFV World Congress in October. EnterpriseWeb is an innovative startup that offers a framework for extreme automation. Their suite of Cloud-native products provide for secure, scalable, zero-touch operations with policy-based management.

The webinar feature a product demonstration showing how customers using EnterpriseWeb can onboard any heterogeneous VNF or PNF, compose them into any arbitrary Network Service, and deploy them with any diverse target environment (multi-VNFM, multi-Cloud, multi-VIM) – with no manual coding! The demo will go on to show how their software dynamically responds to events and how services can be reconfigured using simply Metadata.