EnterpriseWeb to Present at DisrupTech 2015

Downtown Austin, TX — May 15, 2015


Postcards from the Edge – Applied Disruption

Dave Duggal, Founder / Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb
They wouldn’t call it “disruption” if most people saw it coming. However, if you take the long view it’s clear every generation of technology delivers new capabilities, which we push until they break. At some point we reach a point of recognition where the cumulative bandaids cause as many problems as they solve and we search for something new. That’s where we are today, on the verge. We have a horizontal infrastructure abstraction, but we still build 3-tiered vertically integrated applications, and we’re recreating our silos in the Cloud! We have Web, Mobile, Big Data, and Cloud stacks. There has to be a better way!


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