EnterpriseWeb Featured at bpmNEXT Conference

BPM vendors around the world gathered last week at the Asilomar Conference Center on the California coast to compare products, with the hopes of showing off new innovations in the world of BPM software. Intelligent agents were a hot-button topic, starting with Jim Sinur’s presentation “My Process is Smarter than Me.” Jim Sinur is the co-author of the recent book Business Process Management: The Next Wave, which discusses agents in depth.

Jason Bloomberg, Chief Evangelist for EnterpriseWeb, continued the discussion of agents the next day when he introduced the concept of Agent-Oriented Architecture. EnterpriseWeb’s agent, however, is of an entirely different type from the older approaches the BPM crowd discussed. Their differentiator is that the agent supports a fully dynamic, distributed platform.

EnterpriseWeb thus brings established ideas into the modern context for today’s business.

To read more about EnterpriseWeb’s presentation at bpmNEXT, read Sandy Kemsley’s blog at http://www.column2.com/2014/03/bpmnext-2014-wednesday-afternoon-2-unstructured-processes/.