EnterpriseWeb Chief Evangelist Jason Bloomberg Featured in Cutter IT Journal

Jason Bloomberg, Chief Evangelist for EnterpriseWeb, published his article Does Agile Architecture = Agile + Architecture? in a recent edition of the Cutter IT Journal, published monthly by the Cutter Consortium.

In this article, author Jason Bloomberg promotes the use of SOA governance and policies to distribute metadata policy representations to ESBs, XML, and other policy enforcement points. He asserts that this level of control actually creates new levels of flexibility. Once this foundation is achieved, Bloomberg suggests that cloud governance can follow the same pattern.

The article provides an overview of Bloomberg’s recent book, The Agile Architecture Revolution, and is also a precursor to his new work on Agent-Oriented Architecture, forthcoming from EnterpriseWeb.

The article is available for free from the Cutter Consortium Web site (registration required).