EnterpriseWeb and Partners Demonstrate Autonomous and Sustainable 5G RAN Networks at MWC 2023

Originally posted as a guest blog – https://networkbuilders.intel.com/blog/enterpriseweb-and-partners-demonstrate-autonomous-and-sustainable-5g-ran-networks-at-mwc-2023

Feb 27, 2023

By Dave Duggal, CEO & Founder, EnterpriseWeb LLC 

Network edge computing is not just the periphery of the Telecom infrastructure, it is also the frontier of NextGen network and service management. Unlike the bountiful resources at the core, or the conceptually unlimited resources of the cloud, edge deployments are decentralized, numerous, and constrained. At the edge – continuous optimization and efficiency is a necessity.

Telco edge platforms must do ‘more with less’. They have to flexibly support a wide variety of use-cases and configurations for diverse enterprise workloads, while maintaining low-latency SLAs of public and private MEC, all within resource and power constraints of edge servers. The extreme demands of edge computing are driving innovation through the automation stack from the application layer down to the hardware, all of which will ultimately make its way back to the core and cloud for a more agile and sustainable industry.

Intel’s support for Programmable Networking is making this possible today. Exposing standard interfaces over low-level network infrastructure, such as the Intel Ethernet Controller E810, Intel® FlexRAN, and Intel® SmartEdge, allows intelligent orchestrators to configure those physical and virtual components to drive continuous optimizations in response to changing traffic patterns and attacks.

Technically, for the Telecom industry to realize its vision of autonomous and sustainable networking it needs to embrace programmable and intent-based networking.

EnterpriseWeb, an Intel Network Builders’ Gold member, is leveraging Intel’s programmable interfaces today. The company is a pioneer in Telecom virtualization and automation. It ran the first ETSI NFV Proof-of-Concept, “CloudNFV”, which demonstrated the convergence of IT and networking. EnterpriseWeb’s no-code automation platform provides a high-level abstraction that enables service designers to declaratively express their intent in Quality of Service policies, while leaving event-handling and implementation details to the runtime.

EnterpriseWeb is now leading an award-winning* Intel 5G RAN testbed based on a secure edge gateway use-case. The testbed features an all-star team of Telecom vendors, including Intel Red Hat;FortinetKeysightKX; and Tech Mahindra.

At MWC Barcelona 2023, the team will be showcasing Stage 4 of their testbed and its impressive performance data. The testbed demonstrates dynamic configuration of Intel® Ethernet Controller E810, Intel FlexRAN, and Intel® SmartEdge, along with network functions to optimize the processing of secure packets, while significantly reducing resource requirements and energy consumption at scale. The testbed presents an integrated solution for a self-healing, scaling and optimizing 5G RAN network with consistent and predictable low latency and power consumption at scale.

EnterpriseWeb’s platform acts as an enhanced SMO that supports standard interfaces and capabilities, and extends them to enable end-to-end automation across the RAN, Core and Transport. Working with AI/ML partner KX and it’s kdb+ product, EnterpriseWeb supports a service-oriented SON that flexibly picks up signals and telemetry from a variety of vectors so it can dynamically and continuously optimize services, slices, functions, network infrastructure (HW & SW), compute resources and power. It enables consistent high-performance, low-latency and energy efficiency for MEC and Sustainability initiatives.

Intel Network Builder’s recently hosted a webinar to present the latest stage 3 demo of the testbed. A replay of the webinar can be found here – https://networkbuilders.intel.com/university/webcasts/extreme-automation-at-the-network-edge

The testbed will be showcased at the following booths at MWC:

 Hall – Stand Contact 
Red Hat Hall 2 – Stand 2F30 Shujaur Mufti [email protected]   
Fortinet Hall 5 – Stand 5C13 Ronen Shpirer [email protected]   
Keysight Hall 5 – Stand 5E12  Michael Dieudonne [email protected]   
KX Hall 7 – Stand 7B41 James Corcoran  [email protected]   
Tech Mahindra Hall 6 – Stand 6C2 Nitish Nanda [email protected]   

*EnterpriseWeb’s Awards:

https://networkbuilders.intel.com/communities/members/winners-circle – Intel Winner’s Circle Gold award

https://www.fiercetelecomawards.com/fiercetelecomawardsco/2022-winners – Fierce Telecom, Fierce Telecom Award for AI/Analytics/Automation category

https://www.lightreading.com/service-provider-cloud/leading-lights-2022-winners/d/d-id/782052 – Light Reading, Leading Lights Award, Outstanding Digital Enablement Vendor