ZapThink announces Publication of ZapThink 2020 Poster

Illustrates Changes in Enterprise IT over Next Ten Years

BALTIMORE, MD — ZapThink today announces its “Vision for Enterprise IT in 2020” poster, to be published in October 2010. This poster visually represents the interrelationships among the various trends expect to impact Information Technology in large organizations between now and 2020, known as the ZapThink 2020 Vision.

Consilience International LLC, whose Resource-Oriented application framework, Ideate (, is representative of many of the highlighted trends, has signed on as a Gold poster sponsor with premium logo placement.

“This is a great vehicle for us as we share ZapThink’s vision for Enterprise IT,” said Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director of Consilience International. “Businesses understand that growing infrastructure complexity works against their enterprise agility. As the ZapThink poster suggests, it’s time to consider new approaches. To that end, we are helping organizations rationalize the governance of composite applications. Our Web architecture streamlines middleware requirements while improving interaction dynamics and overall enterprise flexibility. Ideate’s lightweight run time environment centralizes the orchestration and execution of distributed resources. Every system response is made-to-order based on context and guided by rules to ensure business relevance and transactional integrity.”

The ZapThink 2020 poster features five “Supertrends” that highlight the complex web of changes expected to impact enterprise IT in the coming years:

The Global Cubicle – Any group of people anywhere in the world can interact on a personal level as though they were in the same cubicle.

  • Democratization of Technology – Anybody in the organization can purchase, configure, and use any technology appropriate for their job.
  • Deep Interoperability – Disparate pieces of technology work together dynamically. Standard interfaces are necessary but not sufficient.
  • Complex Systems Engineering – Designing systems to exhibit emergent properties like business agility.
  • Location Independence — The physical location of technology is hidden from view and irrelevant to the user.

“Today’s CIOs are aware of individual forces of change impacting their organizations, but don’t have sufficient breadth of vision to see how many trends interact,” said Jason Bloomberg , Managing Partner with ZapThink, LLC. “The ZapThink 2020 Vision provides that breadth of vision, and the poster is our visual representation of how forces of change will interact over the next twenty years.”

Companies interested in sponsoring the ZapThink 2020 Poster should contact ZapThink at [email protected] for more information. There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities, and placement on the poster is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The ZapThink 2020 poster follows in the footsteps of ZapThink’s immensely successful “SOA Implementation Roadmap” and “XML Standards and Technologies” posters that have been distributed to over 100,000 individuals online and at prestigious events. Past sponsors of these posters include alfabet, Amazon Web Services, ComActivity, Compuware, Cordys, Forum Systems, HP, IBM, ICEsoft Technologies, Informatica, iTKO,JustSystems, Layer 7 Technologies, Micro Focus, Oracle, Progress Software, Qubit Consulting, Rogue Wave Software, SOA Software, Software AG, and Versata.