“The Composable Enterprise” with David Linthicum and EnterpriseWeb

Jan 12, 2016

Four time CIO and globally renowned Cloud expert David Linthicum (www.davidlinthicum.com) reviewed his latest whitepaper “Operationalizing SOA for the Composable Digital Business”.

David provided his perspective on the state of Enterprise IT and the struggle to keep up with increasing demands for interoperability and agility. He outlined nine “Disruption Vectors” he identified as key in the transition to the Software-defined business. David then reveals how he scored EnterpriseWeb relative to industry for each vector.

After the talk, EnterpriseWeb (www.enterpriseweb.com) provided a live demonstration of its next generation application platform for integrative and dynamic business solutions. The demo showcased how the platform radically simplifies distributed computing, making it easy to design, run and manage elastically-scalable and highly-connected business processes that integrate operations and connect value chains.

The presentation was followed by Q&A with David Linthicum, which included questions from the audience.