The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Ideate, Live Webcast on Sept. 25, 2012
The long-sought goal of achieving ‘operational’ Analytics has finally arrived. A variety of innovations has opened the door for information systems that can respond in real-time to any number of business events. The result is a new generation of ‘smart’ applications that can adapt dynamically to context, thus providing business agility without sacrificing data quality or governance.

Watch this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain how emerging event-driven architectures will change the way we work. He’ll be briefed by Dave Duggal, who will introduce his company’s Ideate Framework™, a real-time application-integration platform. He’ll explain how Ideate leverages a Web-style architecture to make ‘smart’ business processes scalable and practical.

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