Information Management Expert Robin Bloor Joins Advisory Board of New Platform-as-a-Service Provider

Glens Falls, NY – January 31, 2012 – Consilience International LLC, the Platform-as-a-Service provider and developers of the Ideate application framework (, announced today that Robin Bloor, a leading IT industry analyst, has joined the Company’s Board of Advisors.

Robin Bloor, PhD, is a well renowned thought-leader in the field of Information Management. He is co-founder and Chief Analyst with The Bloor Group, which specializes in the areas of Enterprise Software Development and Business Intelligence. Prior to founding The Bloor Group he was a Partner and technology analyst with Hurwitz & Associates. In 1989 he founded Bloor Research, a company that subsequently became one of the leading technology consultancies in the UK. Robin is the author of several books on Service Orientation and Cloud Computing and is a regular Keynote speaker at Industry conferences.

“Robin brings a deep understanding of Information Systems technology and history,” noted Dave Duggal, the Managing Director of Consilience. “He cuts through the cruft and provides clear insights, lending another powerful voice to our Board.”

“Ideate is the kind of innovation that comes around only once every five to ten years,” extolled Robin Bloor. “As is the case in these situations, they looked at problems of enterprise IT – low re-use, lack of responsiveness and expensive change management – in a different light and developed a completely sensible solution for real-time work integration that will change everything.”

About Consilience and the Ideate Framework

Consilience International LLC is a Platform-as-a-Service provider (PaaS) and the developer of the Ideate™ application framework ( Ideate’s PaaS helps businesses brings order to their increasingly distributed and diverse IT environments.

Simply moving existing systems and services to cloud-based virtual servers solves a problem related to server provisioning, but it exacerbates the fundamental problem of enterprise architecture – maintaining unified views and execution in fragmented environments. The Ideate Framework fuses aspects of SOA and Web-style architectures to provide a new choice optimally suited for the demands of Cloud Computing. Ideate’s hybrid approach makes it easier to work with data, code and policies of all shapes and forms. The lightweight and multi-tenant Framework provides the unifying principles, the glue, necessary to hold enterprise systems together. Ideate Advantages: rapid application development and optimal code re-use; situationally-aware apps that adapt to business context; non-disruptive in-flight change management; and single-layer security, governance and version control.

The Ideate Framework is ideal for complex human workflows that are subject to routine variance and change, and can benefit from dynamic decision support (research & development; patient management; investigation-work; emergency response; project management; etc). Ideate is also well suited for instrumenting network and sensor monitoring applications, such as automatic server provisioning, energy/utility management and Social Network Analysis.

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