EnterpriseWeb: Under the Hood with Tom Nolle

Guest Post by Tom Nolle Automating a network services lifecycle involves fielding thousands or tens of thousands of events, managing thousands of traditional network devices, and deploying and sustaining thousands of virtualized network functions (VNFs). VNF “onboarding” alone has presented

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Seeing the Patterns: The Future is Here

May 13, 2017, Originally published on LinkedIn Dave Duggal, Founder / Managing Director at EnterpriseWeb LLC Software Architects look for patterns. Patterns help us generalize phenomena based on common characteristics. By recognizing patterns we can create abstractions (i.e. models), which allow

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DevOps automation: The curse of tool-chain pain

By Dave Duggal on January 30, 2017  Originally published on TM Forum Inform The title might sound a bit like a Hardy Boys or Tintin adventure story, but anyone who has implemented DevOps automation has suffered from ‘tool-chain pain’. The symptoms are imperative software development,

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