Global trends – Social, Mobile, Cloud, Outsourcing – are pulling the Enterprise apart; people, information and systems are increasingly distributed. Businesses need a way to bring it all back together…. virtually.

The EnterpriseWeb™ is an Intelligent Operations Platform

  • It helps organizations harness their assets and govern their use


  • A platform for modeling, running and managing composite applications

The EnterpriseWeb™ is ideal for –

Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM):  Applications for dynamic domains that can’t be neatly standardized into assembly-line processes  (Healthcare; Research & Development; Emergency Response; Defense/Intelligence; Legal-work; Project Management, HR Processes; etc.)

Governance/Risk/Compliance (GRC) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Business applications where detected or correlated internal events can trigger system actions (alerts, notifications, etc.) and human workflows (investigations, board reviews, etc.)

Internet-of-Things (IoT): Network monitoring applications where detected or correlated events across systems and/or devices can trigger system actions (alerts, notifications, load balancing, etc.) and human workflows (service calls, emergency response, etc.)

Data Migration (DMM), Data Quality (DQM) and Master Data Management (MDM): Data-centric applications that leverage: Virtualization; Physical Storage; Application Run-time for Scripting and Human Workflows; Relationship Mapping, Entity Modeling; Change Data Control, Roll-back; Real-time Validation and Algorithmic Mapping – for greater value.

Enterprise “App Store”: Promote, distribute, reuse and track applications, processes and services to accelerate solution delivery and promote organizational standards

Business Benefits:

  • ‘Bust Silos’ with system-wide analytics
  • Improve Operational Responsiveness with Personalization
  • Accelerate solution delivery
  • Connect “Islands of Automation” for end-to-end value-chains
  • Develop new value-added services

Technical Benefits:

  • Facilitate Master Data Management and Code Re-Use
  • Rationalize the governance of Services and APIs
  • Improve lifecycle management of composite apps
  • Consolidate Infrastructure and reduce middleware bloat