System Architecture

EnterpriseWeb is an Operating System for Parallel Distributed Computations, managing resources, inter-process communications and threads on behalf of highly modular and dynamic applications, providing the top-level abstraction necessary for unifying fragmented operations. Like a Micro-Kernel, it provides shared tools, libraries and services, exposed through the Platform’s Declarative interface.

From a Cognitive Computing viewpoint, EnterpriseWeb is a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Long Short Term Memory (LSTM).

From an Object Orientation perspective the system can be considered as an Object Reclassification System. In OOP it could be described as a façade over software factories executing behavioral patterns. EnterpriseWeb is mapped to UML and can import and export with related tools for executable models.

EnterpriseWeb can also read/write RDF making Semantic Web models transactional.