Dynamic APIs

Since all models in EnterpriseWeb are loose-coupled and SmartAlex interprets them in real-time, it always fetches the latest objects and current state information for a response that is both dynamic and adaptive. Importantly, it also supports non-disruptive API evolution (“Dynamic APIs”).

Dynamic APIs are models of interfaces, which: 1) de-couple business “intent” from technical implementation for event-based, data-driven, policy-controlled service realizations; 2) consistently communicate change semantics to enable an API to evolve in dynamic environments as underlying partner services are updated, upgraded and replaced/substituted.

EnterpriseWeb’s Dynamic APIs can be extended with non-functional concerns (e.g. security/identity; business compliance; IT governance; system controls; etc.) for rich transactions. Instead of inconsistent development processes implementing these rules on a one-off basis, the policies are strictly enforced. These policies are explicitly stored as objects in the library. They can be referenced by application models as re-usable patterns, providing consistent automated enforcement of organizational policies.