Distributed Computing is a ‘Wicked Problem’

Value-chains are becoming increasingly complex orchestrations across multiple silos, partners, technologies and standards. To succeed, organizations must master this dynamic, distributed and diverse operating reality and become agile digital businesses.

The roadblock to seamless end-to-end automation of development and operations (DevOps) is manual integration. While APIs create marketplaces of capabilities and information sources for composing modular solutions, working with APIs requires time-consuming and expensive manual integration of every endpoint. As a result the number of APIs grows and,as the rate of change increases, the integration effort explodes.

Today, every software application is a composite of re-usable building blocks, APIs and Services, shared by business units, partners and government websites. The challenge is to connect endpoints for meaningful behavior without resorting to static, non-responsive and brittle developments methods, which simply won’t scale for today’s demands.

EnterpriseWeb® is an application fabric that flexibly connects processes to people, capabilities and data sources to enable dynamically composable enterprises.

EnterpriseWeb puts the ‘AI’ in EAI

Instead of relying on human intervention, EnterpriseWeb replaces the man-in-the-middle (human effort) with SmartAlex®, an intelligent software agent that performs all connection, transformation and integration tasks in real-time. This approach helps organizations bring integration costs under control, while enabling a new-class of dynamic, data-driven and highly-connected applications.